ELIOT Explained

Discover, build, test and scale your professional IoT projects.


Get the right hardware, software, APIs and tutorials to start experimenting. Right now. We know that it can be challenging to build IoT applications, especially using embedded devices. Our kits are modular, just plug your extension boards (sensors, legacy serial interfaces, I2C, Grove etc.), deploy 100% Arduino compatible code and snap in your choice of network connectivity. We help you reduce intial discovery and experimentation time on a proof of concept project from weeks to hours. Seriously.


Evaluate and benchmark different wireless network technologies to find the right combination for your application. All of our kits include connectivity subscriptions from multiple operators - SigFox™, LoRA™ and GPRS/3G. If you prefer to keep things private that's fine too, we offer wireless gateways and base station hardware for WiFi, Bluetooth LE, ZigBee and private 868MHz ISM band.


Need to get up to speed? No worries, we offer online and classroom training sessions. Bring your team and we'll make sure you start making cool IoT applications immediately.

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